Law of Karma & Dhamma Practice

 Phra Rajsuddhinanamongkol
Jaran Dhidhadhammo
The Abbot of Wat Ambhavan
Tel. 66 036 599381

Book 1

Book 2

We always talk about mindfulness and wisdom.
And it is true that we often use wisdom but actually we rarely use mindfulness
even though mindfulness is invaluable, in fact necessary in our life.

Book 2

Reporting Remarks

The Opening Remarks

Mrs. Galong

The Reporting Spirit

The Nimitta Image at the Rose Garden

Death, the Story of Life

Vipassana, the Refinement of the Mind

How to deal with Vedana

Mrs. Lamai’s Magic

Vipassana Meditation

The Merit of Building Toilets



Students of Luang Poh’s Phra Rajsuddhinanamongkol know that Luang Poh has made a resolution to help develop good people and refine thier minds, to support Buddha-Dhamma, and maintain Buddhism.  We are very grateful to him, and try to help him in his work by doing everythin we can

The compilers of “Law of Karma & Dhamma Practice Series” have published books in the Thai Language yearly since 1987. With Luang Poh’s permission, Drl Suchitra Onkom, who has a Bachelor’s degree in English and a Ph.D. degree in Philosophy, translated “Law of Karma & Dhamma Practice, Volume One” into English in 1997.  Dr. Naraporn Rungsimuntakul translated Volume Two into English in 1999.

Dr. Naraporn received her Ph.D. degree in Fiber and Polymer Science in 1990. After studying and working in the United States of America for ten years, she came home to Thailand in 1994, and has been very fortunate to learn Buddha-Dhamma and practice vipassana meditation from Luang Poh. With deep gratitude to him, she wanted to help him in his work and has been given an opportunity to translate this book.  For Buddhist vocabulary, she referred to the Dictionary of Buddhism written by the Venerable Phra Dhammapidok, one of the most respected monk-scholars, who was awarded a UNESCO Price for Peace Education in 1994 and has been frequently invited to give lectures at both Thai and overseas educational institutes.

The translator expresses her appreciation to Associate Professor Donald W”Sandage, lecturer of English Department Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University and Ms. Juliet Steer B.A. in English and Political Science for their kind advice and help in correction of text as well as proof reading. May all bgings be happy and prosperous.

Dr. Naraporn Rungsimuntakul
May 28, 1998



The Law of Karma & Dhamma Practice Volume Two should be called “The Collection of the Spirit Stories from Luang Poh’s experiences.”  The compilers are sure that the book will an eye-opening experience for readers in “this life and the next life.”

The Buddha’s teaching is like a light  that brightens the way through the human world, the heavenly world and the Brahma world. It can decrease suffering and reveal the path to happiness for everyone.

Because of the great kindness of the Buddha and the generosity of Buddhist followers, the Dhamma light has not become extinct and has shone for 2,500 years.

There are great men who have tirelessly maintained the Dhamma light so that it can show all beings the right way to live. These great men’s lives are compared to candles that give light to others while consuming  themselves. This is the great devotion of these respected Buddhist followeres.

Luang Poh Phra Rajsuddhinanamongkol, is one of these respected Buddhist followers who has given up his own comfort to help other people, both day and night. He fully devotes himself to helping people, not thinking of himself, even when he is sick.  We respect him for his great compassion.

If we want our “Dhamma-candle light” to shine for the longest possible time, all of us must take good care of this light so that the candle is consumed as slowly as possible. We must find the way to decrease and get rid of all unnecessary things that cause it to burn overly strong for us.

This is the duty of all of us who are his grateful students.

All “Bhavanavisuddhi” students have contributed effort, mind and money to make this book possible. The compilers would like to especially thank Assistant Professor Dr. Somporn Malaengphu who worked the hardest. She helped with the original copy, though she was sick, and also collected the printing funds from other donors.  We also thank Associate Professor Dr. Suchittra Onkom for her help in proof reading and fund raising.

The compilers believe that Luang Poh will be very happy upon receiving this book, “Law of Karma & Dhamma Practice Volume Two”, as his birthday present, for he can give it as a Dhamma gift to all his students to commemorate his 60th birthday today.

May all Luang Poh’s resolutions achieve immediate success.

Colonel (Special) Thongkham Sriyothin
The head of the compilers
August 4, 1988


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