Law of Karma & Dhamma Practice

 Phra Rajsuddhinanamongkol
Jaran Dhidhadhammo
The Abbot of Wat Ambhavan
Tel. 66 036 599381

Book 1

Book 2

We always talk about mindfulness and wisdom.
And it is true that we often use wisdom but actually we rarely use mindfulness
even though mindfulness is invaluable, in fact necessary in our life.

Book 1

Biography of Phra Rajsuddhinanamongkol

My experiences in Dhamma Practice

Luang Poh’s Karma

The Lady with two bodies

Past Lives

Wisdom arises from the practice

How to read your mind

Catching you sleep

The Psychic Telegraph

Luang Poh’s Resolution


The Bhavanavisuddhi students have made a pledge in Luang Poh’s presence: “Whatever task or burden Luang Poh has, we, his student will take as our own, to carry out as an offering to him.”

Now we have become aware of one of Luang Poh’s tasks, his resolution to “give all his remaining life for the task of developing people” by leading them to the practice of Dhamma.  To this end Luang Poh has built the Bhavana-Kornsritipah Meeting Hall for the development of the mind, and it has been a source of joy to see teachers, students, soldiers, civil servants and religious organizations using the facilities for the practice of Dhamma so much that there is rarely a day when the Hall is not in use.

We, his students, have agreed to help on this most important of Luang Poh’s tasks and enlarge on it by putting some of his recorded teachings into book form as part of the Foundation’s effort to spread the teachings. The books will be produced in a set, issued one volume at a time, at least on each year, under the name of
Law of Karm - Dhamma Practice. Each book will include a section on the work of the Foundation’s activities that those who have contributed to the Foundation’s activities may see where the money has gone and give their blessings and so grow in faith and devotion.

This inaugural volume has been produced as a result of the efforts of Ajahn Somporn Malaengphu and his group.  It began with the collection and transcription of Luang Poh’s recorded teachings, some of which are included in this book ( many more have been prepared for future issues ).  The production team helped to edit the language and insert paragraphs and put the material into book form to take it more readable, while at the same time preserving Luang Poh’s style of speech as much as possible.

Apart from this, Ajahn Somporn also did a lot to publicize the project and gain financial support from those students who have strong faith in Luang Poh.  Khun Ananya Suntornsawat also passed the plate around the received donations as recorded at the back of the book. I would like to express my appreciation and hope that all of you who contributed many be protected by Luang Poh’s virtuous qualities.

The first volume of law of Karma-Dhamma Practice is like a golden tray laid with flowers and incense offered on the occasion of Luang Poh’s birthday on 15 August, 1987, by Luang Poh’s students.

May Luang Poh Phra Khru Bhavanavisuddhi grow in the Dhammna and be joyful in buliding poople according to the teachings of the Lord Buddha for a long time to come, at least for as long as the Buddha himself did.

Colonel (Special) Thongkham Sriyothin

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